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The news of Anthony Bourdain tragic end struck like an arrow reaching a target in a most painful way. For all those who had traveled and those who traveled only through watching recorded peregrinations of an iconic traveler with a knack for tasty foods the experience of loosing him was […]

We Need Nature, She Is Fine Without Us.

We Need Nature.

Maybe you remember when you were a child that in your world every tree, rock. lake or river had a presence, a spirit, a personality, which was a reason they all appear different to you. I definitely do and it serves me well now, while much older to […]

More You Travel, The More You Taste, The More You Know


When you taste, you know it directly. When you travel, you taste and compare a lot. When you know, you take rest naturally in your own experience.

You Taste Who You […]

When A Science Tells You To Take a Vacation – It’s Time To Listen

Take Vacation To Live Longer And Happier.

Taking more vacations is linked to lowering cases of heart attack and spells of depression that result in a healthier brain according to study from Transamerica Center for retirement studies with the Global Commission on Aging and U.S. Travel Association.

Another […]

Appetite For Travel: Astonishing Time Lapse Of Hong Kong

This Visually Stunning Time Lapse Of Hong Kong

Will Let You Get A Thrilling Sense Of Place And

An Appetite For Travel.

It took more […]

Riding Into The Blue Of The Pangong Lake.

Pangong Lake Motorcycle Diaries (Part 3).

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A new day stealthily crept in over the mountains. The rain stopped sometimes during the night. I peeled of the blanket of my face and peeked out. It was time to get up.

It was not fun to think about putting wet shoes back […]

Riding In Ladakh: Turning Roads Into Rivers.

Pangong Lake Motorcycle Diaries (Part 2)

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Our intentions to have a homestay in Tsaka were quickly curtailed – we couldn’t find a place that would offer such an opportunity. We understood that it was a remote place with probably limited supplies of […]

Closer To Indo-Tibetan Border.

Pangong Lake Motorcycle Diaries (Part 1).

Today I dedicated a whole day for one thing only. That is to dive headlong into a pool of Indian Tourism Bureaucracy. I wanted to obtain official dispensation that would let me and my group to go beyond Loma settlement in the Eastern part of Ladakh […]

Quickly Beat Post Travel Blues.


You had a fantastic journey. For some time you could think that you lived in a dream or a movie. The thought of your traveling life coming to an end creeps onto screen of your psyche like a dreadful shadow in Hitchcock movie. You fly home and after […]

Weaving Adventure Into Life.

 A Simple Recipe For Adventure.

In anticipation of increased demands for endurance at a higher altitude of impending climb of the Stok Kangri. We decided to use a part of a rest day to scramble up one of the orange granite ridges buttressing Leh on the North […]