The news of Anthony Bourdain tragic end struck like an arrow reaching a target in a most painful way. For all those who had traveled and those who traveled only through watching recorded peregrinations of an iconic traveler with a knack for tasty foods the experience of loosing him was […]

Why You Should Go Skiing This Winter.

Therapeutic Effect Of Winter Adventure.

The winter is again upon us and it is a good time to start opening a calendar for winter fun. There are many ways to enjoy therapeutic effect of winter adventure and here are some good reasons to think about […]

Indulge into Being Yourself without Feeling Alone – by Traveling to Australia for Christmas.

Get Inspired to Travel Solo to Australia for Christmas.

In the middle of hordes of people, we sometimes start losing the sense of “self” – we somehow start blending into […]

We Need Nature, She Is Fine Without Us.

We Need Nature.

Maybe you remember when you were a child that in your world every tree, rock. lake or river had a presence, a spirit, a personality, which was a reason they all appear different to you. I definitely do and it serves me well now, while much older to […]

More You Travel, The More You Taste, The More You Know


When you taste, you know it directly. When you travel, you taste and compare a lot. When you know, you take rest naturally in your own experience.

You Taste Who You […]