Riding In Ladakh: Turning Roads Into Rivers.

Pangong Lake Motorcycle Diaries (Part 2)

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Our intentions to have a homestay in Tsaka were quickly curtailed – we couldn’t find a place that would offer such an opportunity. We understood that it was a remote place with probably limited supplies of […]

Closer To Indo-Tibetan Border.

Pangong Lake Motorcycle Diaries (Part 1).

Today I dedicated a whole day for one thing only. That is to dive headlong into a pool of Indian Tourism Bureaucracy. I wanted to obtain official dispensation that would let me and my group to go beyond Loma settlement in the Eastern part of Ladakh […]

Visit With Ladakhi Family In Basgo.


On the plane from Delhi I met a local woman. Her seat was next to mine and it was conducive to start a conversation. Though you probably know from experience that sitting next to someone does not necessary leads to open a pleasant conversation. Sometimes people […]

Walking Above Khardung-La

Walking Above Khardung-La.

It is my second full day in Leh. While waiting for my companions to arrive I would like to use this time to acclimatize and even explore some mountain vistas that are not typically visited. Sometimes all it takes is to just walk away from the convenience of the road or […]

Travel Mood Management: Delayed At Delhi Airport.

Mood Management: Delayed at Delhi Airport.

The time had come to pack a suitcase for a trip to Ladakh.
Like in everything else in life a wave of constantly appearing necessities keeps demanding attention for maintenance and unless decision is made, there will always be another important thing to do before the final call of […]

Contracting Travel Bug In Laos.


Even though I traveled fairly wide before, stretching my days riding trains across Russia and cuddling slender armchairs on international flights, I really wasn’t infected until at the end of a long stint half-way around the world I was on a slow boat on the Mekong […]