We Need Nature, She Is Fine Without Us.

We Need Nature.

Maybe you remember when you were a child that in your world every tree, rock. lake or river had a presence, a spirit, a personality, which was a reason they all appear different to you. I definitely do and it serves me well now, while much older to […]

More You Travel, The More You Taste, The More You Know


When you taste, you know it directly. When you travel, you taste and compare a lot. When you know, you take rest naturally in your own experience.

You Taste Who You […]

Travel Mood Management: Delayed At Delhi Airport.

Mood Management: Delayed at Delhi Airport.

The time had come to pack a suitcase for a trip to Ladakh.
Like in everything else in life a wave of constantly appearing necessities keeps demanding attention for maintenance and unless decision is made, there will always be another important thing to do before the final call of […]