When you taste, you know it directly. When you travel, you taste and compare a lot. When you know, you take rest naturally in your own experience.

You Taste Who You Are.   Going away from a familiar environment, there’s a better opportunity for introspection, to uncover that who you are is changeable and you can choose how to be.

• You Taste Your Courage.  Sometimes in adventure you get yourself in a situation where you can only rely on your courage and you push your limits.

• You Taste Different Side of You.  Living in a particular societal norms in a circle of colleagues, family and friends makes you to conform without notice. When you travel, you may get to know your wilder, untamed side of genius.

• You Taste Wisdom of Solitude.  The world is so loud and flooded with information. Silence becomes a precious chance to listen to your inspiration, feel interconnectedness and acknowledge meaning.

• Taste Magic of Timelessness.  When you abandon the regiment of industrial schedule and relax into a natural rhythm of your body, there’s a very personal discovery of life rich in spontaneity and meaning.

• Taste Spontaneous Connections.  On your travel path you can meet a stranger who may happen to be compatible to accompany you for the rest of your life.

• Taste Kindness of Others.  When you travel you maybe in a privileged position to receive generosity and kindness from others. That helps to stay real, humble and grateful – some important metrics of authentic happiness.

• Taste Other Cultures.  Getting face to face with other cultures offers a valuable lessons to appreciate the good parts of the culture where you’re coming from and to have a more balance picture of the world we share with others.

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• Taste What’s Meaningful.  You are the one who is in charge of giving meaningful direction to your life. Traveling helps you to encounter what your basic values and important priorities are and direct your energy there.

• Taste Freedom.  Becoming unhinged from a structure of expectations supported by job, network of relatives, friends and cultural assumptions, you may experience power of choice more intimately.


The more you travel,
The more you taste,
The more you know.