Take Vacation To Live Longer And Happier.

Taking more vacations is linked to lowering cases of heart attack and spells of depression that result in a healthier brain according to study from Transamerica Center for retirement studies with the Global Commission on Aging and U.S. Travel Association.

Another study of mortality and frequency of vacations from University of Massachusetts  concludes that the frequency of annual vacations by middle-aged men predisposed to heart attack is reflected in reduced risk of all-cause mortality. In other words taking vacations can help staying alive longer especially when heart is not in optimal conditions.

Besides the novelty and leisure of taking a vacation, there is a significant opportunity to disrupt a psychological pattern of habitual accumulation of negative rumination that is a major condition for depression to set in.

By stepping outside into a natural environment away from daily task-and-deadline-driven life that is neurologically holding a particular psychological perspective, there is a possibility to lessen the intensity.

Overloaded brain circuitry results in depression. Going on vacation often leads to relaxed intensity which changes associative meaning for perception of the present and past events, even motivation for the future.
That is registered as a diminished activity in the area of the brain that signals presence of depression according to the conclusion drawn by National Academy of Sciences.